Coating for residential properties



The ventilation system in a building can, in the event of a fire, carry fire and smoke around the building. Therefore, fire protection of ventilation is an important part of a building's fire protection. Danish E-AT has developed and produced our coatings for solutions specifically for use in ventilation.


Our solution involves cleaning and using coating to maintain existing ventilation. The fire retardant properties of the coating help to prevent the fire from spreading and contribute to the fire protection of the building. Compared to traditional methods of cleaning and fire protection, our solution is cost-effective, as we avoid many of the traditional costs of materials and labor.


The solution can be adapted to both round and square ventilation ducts in different sizes. The coating is flexible and can be used on the surfaces typically found in the ventilation system.


We are a distributor and sole executor in Denmark, with the Danish-produced product from E-AT.


Ventilation ducts in multi-storey and commercial buildings under normal conditions (for environments with chemical vapors / high risk of corrosion SC50 is recommended)


  • Seals leaks and holes in the ducts. Which reduces energy consumption and extends service life.

  • Protects the duct from rust and corrosion by acting as a protective layer. Our solution can also be used in ducts where there is already rust / corrosion.

  • Fire retardant. Almost impossible to ignite and self-extinguishing. Tested cf. the requirements in DS / En 1361-1 2013 and DS428 (fire technical measures in ventilation ducts)

  • Dust-repellent

  • Resistant to impact, high elasticity and self-healing for minor injuries

  • Waterproof

  • High adhesion and easy to work with