cleaning of ventilation


Professional cleaning specialized for use in ventilation


Our cleaning robot is special designed for use in ventilation, it cleans both horizontally and vertically.The cleaning system uses rotating and vibrating brushes which is specially designed for the purpose. The specially developed brushes ensure a uniform, high-quality result so that the surface is free of flakes, rust, gravel, dust and dirt.


We are using high-pressure extraction during cleaning, so we are sure that the environment is not affected by particles (dirt) during cleaning.


The exhaust air from our high pressure extraction is filtered with a special H13 HEPA filter.


Before and after cleaning we are document with foto and video in our quality assurance program.


our equipment is efficient

Our cleaning equipment can be adjusted for use in all kinds of ventilation ducts. Ex.: Steel, Concrete, Zinc, rectangular, round, oval and square.

  • The robot is equipped with a spring system that allows the machine to pass up to 90 degrees of bending at even very small channel dimensions
  • Often possible to clean lots of meters into the canal, without cleaning flap
  • Cleans up to 5 meters pr. minut (depending on the conditions)
  • Works equally well in vertical and horizontal ventilation ducts
  • Cleaning speed and cleaning power can be adjusted during operation.



  • Better and healthier indoor climate where you stay for many hours.
  • Significantly reduces fire hazard.
  • Less noise from the ventilation.
  • Efficient and better operating economy.
  • Improved heat recovery.
  • Common sense - better for you and the climate.

Advantages of our equipment:

  • Great adaptability. Can be adapted for use in all standard  ducts (rectangular, round, oval, square), from diameter Ø 80 mm.
  • Cost effective.
  • Replacement costs of existing ducts, downtime reduces and we reduce the disruption of daily operations.
  • Works equally well in vertical and horizontal ventilation ducts.
  • Documentation. Inspection, recordings and quality assurance.



TV inspection camera - also called endoscope - is a small video camera that you can use in places where larger cameras can not get to. Another name for this is inspection camera.


The idea of ​​a camera is that one can see and film and document areas that are usually very difficult to access.

The technique is used in the ventilation industry, where an endoscope is used to check the duct system, whether the duct system is in such a condition that a coating is needed to be able to extend the service life or the ducts are so dirty that it requires cleaning to maintain the correct air volumes (cf. legal requirements).


A bad or dirty duct system also has a negative impact on energy consumption.


There are many applications where inspection cameras can be the first step to uncover any errors etc.