Fire inhabitant coating for ventilation

Experts recommend our coating for the renovation of multi-storey buildings

Resistant Coating

PH values tested by the Institute of Technology. PH value from 3-12 – stronger than ordinary stainless steel

Closes holes and cracks in existing channels

Improvement of density, which reduces energy consumption.


We clean, stop rust and corrosion. The coating provides a new surface which protects the future

Disinfection and ventilation


Coating for protection of ventilation

Photo documentation and quality assurance


We offer a range of solutions that can be adapted to most of the existing ventilation systems. Both in multi-storey buildings, production facilities and on ships, for example. All our coatings are fire retardant, easy to work with and cost effective. Combined with a long life expectancy, coating is a sustainable choice.



  • Coatings and sealants
  • Robots for cleaning
  • The work is managed with quality assurance and video documentation offers solutions adapted to each customer's needs - Get a fixed profitable company agreement.

Why choose us

  • Our coatings can save ventilation ducts that should have been replaced

  • We provide a cost-effective alternative to replacement. We extend the life of new and old ventilation ducts

  • Energy-saving solution that makes operation cheaper as the coating closes leaks and provides a more efficient flow

  • Our solution is flexible and has a minimal impact on operations

  • Unique rust and fire retardant coatings that protect your ventilation for many years to come

  • We are a distributor and sole executor in Denmark, with the Danish-produced product from E-AT

Cost-effective solution

Coating can be used both as prevention and as an alternative to replacing existing ventilation ducts. We seal th ventilation from the inside, which saves time and the operation is minimally affected.

Energy Saving

Coating seals and closes holes in the channels. Which reduces energy consumption and extends service life. At the same time, less energy is wasted on leaky systems.

Increases the life of ventilation channels

Extends service life of new and old systems. Protects the duct from rust and corrision by acting as a protective layer. The solution can also be used if the system is already suffering from rust or corrision.

Fire inhibitant coating

The coating has been tested as a fire retardent at the Danish Fire and Safety Engineering Institute. In addition, the coating has a positive effect on cracking in connection with fire.

Air quality and maintenance

Less dust is collected in the system because the dust is more difficult to get stuck in the coating than in a normal tube. This results in the dust being collected in the filters and not in the pipe system. This improves air quality.

Resistance to chemical vapors

The special coating SC50 has exellent chemical resistance. The coating has been tested in acidic, alkaline and chlorine-containing enviroments with ph values from 3-12, where no signs of degradation of the coating material are seen.


We inspect

Before cleaning, inspect the ventilation system to identify challenges


We clean

ECO dust finder ™ cleans the surface so that it is free of rust, dust and so on. This maximizes the adhesion of the coating. The specially developed nozzles and brushes ensure that the robot can deliver consistent, high-quality results and that the robot can be adapted for use in most ventilation ducts.


We inspect

After cleaning, we inspect again (with TV inspection), to ensure that the surfaces are clean and ready for coating.

We perform coating

Coating inside ventilation systems requires specialized equipment to ensure an accurate result and a smooth surface over the entire coated area.


We quality assure

We use quality assurance systematically, as an aid to avoid misunderstandings and errors during the performance of the task. The system ensures a streamlined procedure from order receipt to the task is finished.